DSI North Star

As a think tank, the DSI develops and maintains a big picture of how good looks like. We call this the North Star. From our viewpoint, there is a high need for Human AI as well as Digital Technology Made in Europe, which the DSI is keen to contribute to.  

Human AI - What it takes beyond trust to keep control

Trust is necessary to collaborate between humans. And collaboration is what allows us to develop and create civilization, wealth and progress. Nothing works without trust. This is particularly worthwhile to mention, given that there is a current lack of trust when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet as the facilitating platform for AI. Many politicians, scientists, tech experts and managers are therefore calling for AI to be trusted. But is this good enough to secure AI is beneficial to humans?

We cannot simply trust AI unreservedly and hope that AI will help us humans. The call to trust AI can be misunderstood as a plea to please not interfere and that a few global tech companies are already doing that. The DSI, therefore, tries to determine guiding principles to make sure humans benefit from AI. While trust is a necessary condition, these guiding principles are a sufficient condition for its beneficial use. And these guiding principles are facilitating the build-up of trust because they ensure that AI is also trustworthy.

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How to make best use of AI for the benefit of humans. Three challenges lie ahead of us:

1. Can we regulate digital technology and AI via good governance to make sure humans keep control?

2. Can we run AI, functionally and technically, in a way that it delivers expected benefits to humans?

3. Can we manage tech organizations in a way that appreciates humans and fosters beneficial digital innovation?

The good news in brief is, yes, we can. But how? And yes, there are more questions beyond these three. But let`s start to make a double click on these three perspectives of Human AI, and then we can add as we go.

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Non-profit initiative to help the Ukraine

Considering the war in the Ukraine, DSI is setting up a non-profit initiative "U KRaft IT" to help Ukrainian service providers as well as individuals from the IT sector.

Let`s support the Ukraine to re-cover, strengthen its economy and re-build its country!

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Digital Made in Europe

How about the future of Europe in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence? In brief, we must cope with the most pressing challenges to strengthen our industry again, now. This is a call for (even more) action to bring Europe forward again.

We must develop a smart industry strategy and industrial policy that creates conditions that will facilitate Europe to again compete with other locations around the globe. While these other locations are currently benefiting from significant state intervention, we must prevent ourselves to be drawn into a subsidy game. We must improve conditions by a set of locational benefits, enabling innovation and speed of the Health Care sector.

Bottom line, a lot of challenges for the EU and its members states to cope with, and lots of opportunities to leverage. Attracting new startups or founders like Björn von Siemens - who decided to re-locate his Caresyntax venture to the Unites States - can be a kind of litmus test for European regulation. Let`s make sure our entrepreneurs are comfortable in Europe.
No company, of course, is just waiting for a sector strategy and proper regulation. European players are actively moving forward and driving their transformation, sometimes being a role model for politics, sometimes suffering from a lack of proper policies, still moving. A key enabler for any strategy is a bold digitalization roadmap. Digitalization is vital for what is Europe`s unique way back to global leadership. Therefore, the DSI outlines how European companies get effectively digitalized, while leveraging unique assets of Europe. It summarizes which regulation we need to strengthen competitiveness of such European companies.

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