hlth Europe: place to be for digital health leaders

Great experience to join the hlth Europe conference in Amsterdam in June 2024. Digital leaders and enthusiasts were discussing and connecting the dots. 

From the DSI, sponsor Dr. Götz Wehberg joined to share some DSI insights. He has been invited to join the AI panel discussion of the hlth. For more information click below:

DSI`s view on AI for the hlth Europe
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Waking the sleeping giant ...

DSI Executive Sponsor De Meo describes how to create a healthy healthcare system if we really want it. 

More on "Waking the Sleeping Giant"
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Why LLMOps is the new kid on the block ...

Large-Languange-Model-based Operations (LLMOps) are the future, where ever operators decide to use the latest technology and the complexity of (medical) decisions allows for an effective use of such. The speed of implementing LLMOps depends on three key factors

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Digital Suppply Chains

 DSI Sponsor Dr. Götz Wehberg describes Digital Supply Chains as key facilitator to new business models, e.g., Individualized Medicine or Bio-Pharma. 

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Aftersales of the future 

See how future requirements for mobility and aftersales associated evolve over time.  Understand how digital business models look like, what the next level of supply chains is all about and how future spare parts will make a difference.

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Health Care of the future - three drivers of strategic evolution

Re-thinking Health Care will increase patient value by integrating practice units, bundling payments across the care cycle and coordinating care delivery across facilities. Convergence will bring Health Care, Life Science and Agriculture closer together to best serve patient`s needs. The use of patient data and new technology will make the difference.

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Human AI - What it takes to keep control and run AI beneficially

We cannot simply trust AI unreservedly and hope that AI will help us humans. DSI, therefore, tries to determine the guiding principles to make sure humans benefit from AI. While trust is a necessary condition, the proposed guiding principles are supposed to be the sufficient condition for its beneficial use. 

How to make best use of AI for the benefit of humans? Three challenges lie ahead of us:
1. Can we regulate digital technology and AI via good governance to make sure humans keep control?
2. Can we run AI, operationally, in a way that it really delivers expected benefits to humans?
3. Can we manage tech organizations in a way that indeed appreciates humans and fosters beneficial digital innovation as actual outcome?

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Lessons learnt for S/4 HANA  

Digitalization is on everybody’s lips. And there are only few things that work without IT. But that does not mean, that just by using latest technology you succeed. Our current DSI study shows that many IT programs suffer from happy engineering and lack business focus. So, how about your S/4 HANA program? How to make best use of ERP data for Life Care players? What lessons learned should you consider, what kind of success factors are key, which pitfalls to avoid? DSI shares expertise from reviewing S/4 HANA programs in order to prevent you from sunk investments and facilitate your company to get the most value out of S4HANA.

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