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CSO agenda - succeed in new business models, CX and innovation

Our GO-TO-MARKET-consulting offers comprehensive capabilities from innovation to customer experience:

DIGITAL BUSINESS MODELS: DSI helps you in developing what's next for your business

In times of industry convergence and new market entries of tech players, nothing stays the same. Moreover, pandemics like COVID-19 drive digitalization too. Leaders better anticipate what's next for their industry and develop their businesses pro-actively. DSI provides comprehensive support based on three pillars: We leverage on our industry expertise from working in your industry over many years, we refer to proven pattern and methods of business model development and we mobilise the know how of your organization. New business models are at the heart of digitalization and provide the opportunity to generate real impact.

Example new business models in AgTech:

MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT: DSI drives monetarization of digital business models with means of bridging use cases

Digital business models typically refer to the usage of big data and AI technology. These business models depend on critical mass of data, and statistical significance of functional relationships associated. Most of these business models, still, lack monetarization. DSI, therefore, is offering monetarization services, which improve amortisation with means of so called bridging use cases. Bridging use cases help to shorten pay-off periods and facilitate speed of subscriptions, and thus bridge towards monetarization.   

PRICING 4.0: Stop margin erosion and develop value pricing with DSI pricing approach

New technologies like IoT typically provide the opportunity to measure the functionality of services or products. Pricing thus develops from volume-based to performance based pricing, thus value pricing. Moreover, cost drivers can be controlled more effectively as basis for de-averaging of cost and stop erosion of margins. The DSI pricing approach addresses these potentials, systematically, and helps to improve both top and bottom line. Proven tools help to apply new pricing policies in day-to-day operations of your sales as well as operations team.

SALES PUSH 4.0: Mobilise your sales & marketing organization by using data and AI

Sales & marketing organizations are continuously requested to focusing on the most profitable products, most promising customer segments, best channels, most attractive regions and so forth. Focus makes success. At the same time, some sales representatives are even more successful than others, which means there is an opportunity to learn and roll-out best practices for leverage. DSI offers a data driven approach to sales mobilisation, building on comprehensive CRM and customer data. In many instances, companies do have a wealth of information available, however, they don't necessarily make use out of it, comprehensively. In addition, DSI enriches relevant data where needed by performing surveys and gathering primary data such as customer satisfaction. As DSI suggests, big data analytics in sales & marking is not about leveraging as much data as possible but using the right, relevant information. 

DSI CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Develop your customer journey together with DSI to reinvent customer interaction

Customer interaction has always been key to sales success. But today, there is no one such "typical customer" anymore. Most CX projects thus suffer from a lack of understanding who the customers are and how customers interact today, and thus how to segment. DSI therefore proposes an individualized customer experience framework which considers individual needs and behaviours, effectively. We design and build your customer experience in an end-to-end fashion to make sure you are reinventing your customer interaction in the right way.

PORTFOLIO 4.0: DSI helps to create your digitalised service offering portfolio and make products state-of-the-art

Corona has shown the urgency to digitalize the offering portfolio. Everything that can be delivered virtually and via the internet has a significant higher probability to succeed. But also physical products can make a difference by using new technology, e.g. increase performance by involving a digital formulator in Specialty Chemicals. This is why DSI systematically helps clients to redefine their product offering portfolio and enrich it by innovative services. Typical patterns of virtual products can help to systematically approach. And DSI supports also with means of market studies, industry-specific trend surveys and competitor analyses. Bring your portfolio to the next level together with DSI!  

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