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value from technology. 

CEO agenda – transform your business and create impact at scale

Our STRATEGY-consulting offers comprehensive capabilities from strategy to transformation management:

DIGITALIZATION STRATEGY: Develop your business model of the future

Corporate leaders have to manage the increasing external and market complexity in order to maintain or enhance competitiveness. Against this background digitalization provides new opportunities, however, must not be limited to technology aspects only. DSI helps you to develop a proper digitalization strategy to leverage on such opportunities.

For example, our DSI Triple Long Tail© Strategy is at the heart of maturing digital business models, adding value through individualized products and services as well as differentiated prices. Leading B2C companies such as Amazon, eBay, iTunes, Netflix und Rhapsody can function as role model and provide analogies for both B2B businesses as well as B2B2C strategies, accordingly.


BUSINESS CASE 4.0: Enable planning, controlling and reporting in a world of uncertainty and agility

The impact of technology on a stand alone basis is limited. Many IT and digitalization projects show poor business cases, which is not sufficient for scaling up. Such business cases are attached to sunk investments. Therefore, DSI considers business enablement and innovation potentials, comprehensively, to make sure your technology investments are reasonably paying off. We bring together business and technology to get the most value out of your IT and address the full business impact. For us, business case building is an agile process so that we align on the two perspectives, technical feasibility and commercial viability.

TRANSFORMATION MANAGEMENT OFFICE (TMO): DSI guides you through the digitalization journey

Managing a transformation program is not easy and typically underestimated. Besides business and technological challenges, an effective change management is required to maintain momentum and introduce new behaviour. DSI follows the principle "think big, start small and scale fast". Together with their clients, DSI is guiding through their digitalization journey, choosing the right approach (lift-drop-change, lift-change-drop ...), way of working (agile, hybrid-agile ...) and managing the overall transformation. We are prepared to bring proven teams, tools, approaches and solutions to make your transformation journey a success. Transformation formats can include Post Merger Integration and Carve-outs, Digitalization programs, S4HANA projects, Turn around amongst others.

DSI ACCELERATOR: Unlock the power of innovation and establish a use case factory to scale digitalization 

In order to make your digitalization strategy work, a number of use cases will be developed to make it happen. While many companies still are in a proof-of-concept phase, just developing 5 - 10 use cases a year is typically not good enough. To unlock the full innovation potential of digitalization, DSI performs an accelerator that generates multiple new use case ideas every months, priorities continiously for jointly defined criteria translates prioritised ideas into design and proceeds with the build phase. Instead of a one-off exercise the DSI accelerator establishes a regular processes for ideating use case as well as a factory to build and deploy. 

DSI ARCHITECTURE: We develop the foundation for a consistent development of your enterprise architecture

In line with our principles to think big, start small and scale fast, a consistent and state-of-the-art enterprise reference architecture is a foundation for every digitalization journey. Many companies spend a lot of money for single use cases but without overall alignment to make sure everything fits together in a target state. The DSI reference framework is a basis to develop a customised, proven to-be architecture and slice architecture cuts in line with the implementation journey and overall digitalization journey of our clients. 

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