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About DSI

Our purpose: 

DSI has been founded as the think tank for Digital Supply Chains in 1997. The DSI is a non-commercial platform for sharing expertise and connecting the community of digital & supply chain leaders and enthusiasts with more than 10,000 DSI subscribers. 

Today, digitalization is being discussed, extensively. And a digital supply chain is the key facilitator for new, digital business models. Many supply chain initiatives focus on technological aspects (e.g. S4HANA, IoT, CPS, 3D) rather than business. In order to improve competitiveness, however, our stakeholders cannot afford happy engineering. Most of the companies are beyond the proof-of-concept phase. They want to scale and create real business impact. DSI helps companies to transform towards a smarter, greener and commercially viable supply chain management at scale. Together with our stakeholders, we create impact by developing even more sustainable and competitive businesses.

Our fields of expertise:


How to monetarize on digital business models, new customer service or experience and innovation?

Please see our growth agenda: 

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How to benefit from future operating models including end-to-end supply chains and optimized shop floors?

Please see our performance agenda:

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How to generate value from developing your assets and working capital, properly?

Please see our asset lifecycle agenda:

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Our stakeholders:

Our stakeholder portfolio focuses on Process Industries (Life Science, Chemicals, Energy, Steel ...) Manufacturing (OEMs, Automotive Suppliers, Mechanical Engineering ...) and Consumer Goods. We share our expertise with global and mid-sized companies including so-called hidden champions. We work together and connect with our stakeholders on all levels of the organization, board, executives, managers and staff. 

We do not focus on Public Sector, Telecommunication and Financial Services.

 „Digital supply chain programs are often too techy, don't scale and don't create business impact as expected. DSI can help to make digitalization a success.“ 

Our DSI leadership:

The DSI is being managed by our Sponsors and Product or Architect Owners, respectively:  

Götz G. Wehberg, PhD, is the Partner for Supply Chain & Operations at Infosys Consulting as well as Founder and Sponsor of the DSI Think Tank with more than 20 years’ experience in Consulting. Prior to his current role, Götz was a Partner in a "Big Four" for almost ten years, where he was leading the Supply Chain Management practice amongst others. His fields of expertise are M&A and Digitalization. Götz worked on digitalization in many industries, such as Automotive, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Process Industries. Götz is being recognized as a digitalization expert and top-3 influencer by third party analysts. He worked for major clients such as BMW, BASF, Bayer, Siemens and Volkswagen, but also for many medium-sized companies. Götz is an author of a number of books, in particular “Digital Supply Chains”. Today, he is working predominantly in Europe. He has worked for many years in the Americas and the Middle East. Götz lives with his wife and two children in Greater Cologne / Germany. 

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Jan Schreiber, Exec. MBA, is a DSI Senior Product Owner and an experienced advisor with more than 15 years track record in the Manufacturing and Automotive industry. Jan`s fields of expertise include Large Scale Digitalization programs as well as Sales & Marketing. He has worked on digitalization topics for more than 10 years, with DAX as well as mid-sized companies. Jan lives with his wife and two children in Bonn / Germany.


Eva Pauly, qualified business graduate, certified business mediator and business coach, is a DSI Senior Product Owner with profound expertise in change management. Eva has 20 years of professional experience from various leadership and project roles in Human Resources and other functions, in a DAX logistics company. Eva has a proven track record in aligning diverse stakeholder groups and to direct them towards common objectives. With her expertise as a business mediator she knows how to resolve conflicts in an organization and enable constructive collaboration. Eva lives with her partner and two children near to Cologne / Germany.

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Tim Barg, PhD, is a DSI Product Owner, specialised on Manufacturing, Process Industries and Utilities in particular. His fields of expertise include M&A and operational excellence . Tim is working in consulting for more than twenty years. Before DSI he was a Director at a global M&A advisory firm and worked for a so called "big four" for many years. Tim is married and lives with his family in Düsseldorf / Germany.

Hans Kihn, PhD, is a DSI Product Owner with a focus on Life Science & Chemicals. Hans is a Chemist by education and has a track record of large scale transformations  and digitalization initiatives for the past 13 years. One of his special fields of expertise is sustainability amongst others. Hans has worked for a global strategy consulting firm, before he joined DSI. Hans is married and lives with his wife and two children kin Düsseldorf / Germany.  

Christoph Parkell, MBA, is a DSI Architect Owner and an expert is enterprise architecture, best-of-breed solutions as well as big data science. Christoph drives digitalization initiatives across industries and is working in consulting since more than 10 years. One of his special interest items is cloud migration. Christoph also founded and grew a number of start-ups and small companies over the past years. He has worked for a so called "big four" before he joined DSI. Christoph lives with his familiy in Berlin / Germany.

Our values:

With build on our 5 values:

1) Value & focus - We live "clients first" and create impact for our stakeholders
2) Integrity & collaboration - We work as one team together and respect each other 
3) Boldness & entrepreneurship - We think big and put "skin in the game" where relevant
4) Sustainability & social responsibility - We care for nature and society
5) Pragmatism & execution - We aim at implementation as well as scale, and we approach agile

Your opinion matters to us:

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