About us

Our ambition

The Digital Supply Institute (DSI) aims at developing ever better medicine and health equity for ever more people. To meet our purpose, we strive for a new patient experience as well as innovative health solutions. 

Our mission is to developing and strategically investing in a portfolio of valuable digital ventures in Life Sciences & Health Care (Life Care) and adjacent sectors. As our North Star, we believe in the need for Human AI and Digital-Made-in-Europe. We partner with startups, corporates as well as co-investors and appreciate joint entrepreneurship.

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What we do

The DSI has been founded as an open think tank for digitalization in 1997. Since the beginning, the DSI has been a platform for sharing expertise and connecting the community of digital leaders and enthusiasts. Over time, the DSI has expanded its engagement towards helping startups and corporates to successfully seed, grow and/or expand their digital ventures. DSI has definedthree areas of investment or support:

Digital businesses (e.g., aggregators)
Smart operations (e.g., LLMOps)
Digital facilitators (e.g., IoT, KIS)

Our investments focus on Life Science & Health Care (Life Care) and adjacent industries (MedTech, FMCG, Chemicals, etc.). 

DSI engagements are being performed by a dedicated team of experienced managers and entrepreneurs, guided by the DSI leadership. 

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